Who Are

We are a livestock raising tradition of at least three generations of the Amaya family, who dedicated to milk production and the fattening of young Bulls. Later on, the next generation of inheritors saw the opportunity to commercialize meat in Venezuela, so they formed a commercial group in 2008. Due to some changes in the economic policies of this country, the opportunity and the need for searching other markets arose, hence the commercial group took advantage of the positive image of the Colombian meat production and its favorable commercial agreements with other countries to form the company INVERSIONES JAV S.A.S. The idea was to meet, understand and supply the new markets all around the world with great service and products.


We are committed to offer high quality meat products, yet keeping affordable prices; committed to constantly improving our processes, human recourses and services in order to satisfy the need of our clients and contribute to in environmental preservation.


Consolidating a leading position of our Company on an international level of the meat industry, based upon our commitment to quality products and efficient service. This will lead to a sustainable and diverse offer of services for our clients and providers.


We guarantee an innocuous product once finished, because of the following and control of the parts involved in the process. We use quick and trustworthy testing methods of chemical, bacterial, and physiological variables all with certified laboratories that have professional workers specialized in food testing. These labs are also certified by governmental entities.